2018:  Jan 22-Feb 14: Documentary and the Investigation of Reality, Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

            April 17: Brooklyn College Symposium: Domestic Workers, A Global Perspective. Speaker and Film Screening. 

            Jul 16- Aug 26: Creative Documentary Course, Sri Aurobindo Center for the Arts, New Delhi

            Fall Semester: Documentary Fictions, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

Feb 6- March 1:'Documentary and the Investigation of Reality,' Asian College of Journalism, Chennai



March 10-12:Feminist Responses to a Racist America. A Collaborative Project engaging with art activism,

digital media literacy and social justice. ​ https://uniondocs.org/event/2017-03-10-watching-making-race/​


- Visiting Professor: Creative Documentary Program, SACAC, New Delhi

Master Class, FD Zone, Mumbai

Docs-in-the-Works Organizer/Mentor, Fusion Film Festival, New York University

- Speaker: Feminist and Women's Media Festival, Brown University​

- Participant/Organizer: Symposium on the New South Asian Documentary, NYU

​​- Participant: International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA 2014)

- Speaker/Panelist: Visible Evidence Conference, New Delhi 2014


Winner of the Inaugural Award for Investigative Journalism instituted by the Asian College of Journalism 2016 for   http://www.caravanmagazine.in/reportage/inside-job

- The Strange True Story of Manju Das: The Nation, November 9, 2015


- Guest on ABC's late night show with Phillip Adams, November 25,  2015



University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Dept of Communication and Journalism. 

Public talk: Truth-telling in documentary film and long-form Journalism: the Manju Das story, Feb 11, 2016


Syntalks: TROTO The Reality of the Original: https://soundcloud.com/syntalk/troto-the-reality-of-the-original-syntalk April 2, 2016

Master Class in Documentary:  Indian Institute of Human Settlements, Bangaluru, Mar, '16


Film Screening: When Mother Comes Home for Christmas, Docs at Everest, Mar 2016

N​ilita Vachani